Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Family Management

By: Ruswanto Shamsuddin

''A husband is a leader in his family, he will be prosecuted for their leadership (by Allah). A wife is a leader in the home of her husband, she will be prosecuted for their leadership. A wage earner is a leader in the property master, he will be prosecuted for their leadership. A child is the leader of his father's possessions, he will be prosecuted for their leadership.''

Hadith narrated by Bukhari, Muslim families that explains the management, that the family environment there is a division of tasks that each individual has full responsibility for assigned tasks. Later on the duties that they will be held accountable before God Almighty.

A husband is positioned as the head of the family. This is not because men come first, but physically and mentally because they are considered capable of leading a good family. However, a husband must not act arbitrarily against members of his family.

He is obliged to provide for, foster, and guide them into good family members and independent. He was also required to defend the weak members of the family and protect as well as mengayominya, so they feel secure and safe for their leadership.

Rasulullah SAW said, Behold the perfection of some of those believers are the most moral and most gentle good (wise) to his family. (HR Thabrani and Judge).
A wife is a leader in her husband's house (his family). It also does not mean that subordinated women or demeaning his position, but it is a division of labor within the family. Therefore, it is impossible within the family there were two main leaders.

A responsible wife at her home, because these jobs are usually hard working husband, especially if the husband is also a leader in the community. In a few facts happened many a husband's death left his wife, and their children apart. Conversely, many widowed wives of her husband, their children remain good because the mother mentally closer to the children.

Even if the wife became a leader in the home of her husband, does not mean that outside activities impeded. As far as not to leave their responsibilities at home and can look after themselves, they may move outside the home. And, there are many moms who successfully move out and successful housekeeping.

Could be some households fail to build because the wife was reluctant to fulfill his duty to take care of household chores, wanted to be head of the family. A wage earner is obliged to fulfill his duties as a worker to relieve the heavy burden of his master.

Similarly, a child who was in the guidance of parents, he was obliged to spend a fortune giving the best possible parents for their success in the future.
The success of each task in that family who would bring the family happiness.

Source: Republika Online


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