Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Human Social Butterfly

By: Mosiri Asyari

God made man as a servant of Caliph on earth at the same time, to preserve His creation function provided as living facilities. Facilities complete this incomparable provided free of charge or for free. God Almighty only gives signs to people to be considered so as not to slip and fall into the valley of error.

This is where the nature of rahman and uterus (love and affection) of God which is given to all His servants, equally, without favoritism whether male or female. As explained in his letter of the word An-Nahl verse 97: "He who work righteousness, whether male or female in a state of faith, verily to him will We give a good life and We will reply to them with a better reward from what they have done.

Paragraph above is an indicator or sign of the importance of doing good on earth, as well as a motivator for people not only enjoy God, but also do good continually and continuously. Do here, of course starting from the individuals who ultimately will impact collectively.

Psychologically suggestion of God in the paragraph is aligned with human nature that tends to do good. However, sometimes nature is transformed into an uncontrollable evil when human beings lose their human nature. So, to restore such circumstances of course people need to train yourself to always remember Allah SWT.

In this modern-paced era often we see Muslims in particular and mankind in general, tend to emphasis on self-interest. Ego and human ego has overcome common interests. They no longer care about the interests of others.

All that can happen because of lack of knowledge of the essence of the meaning of their religion that they believe as a guide. They subordinated the social value than the values ubudiyah vertically. They are more like symbols than the essence of religious values.

They look the religious and the religious, while not reflected in the daily teachings and religious values.

As someone who is religious, nature of divinity, the soul ought to be a mirror, glass hearts, and behavioral life. To achieve all that is needed in a true understanding of religion and implement consistent (istiqamah). Only then, we, hopefully, is classified as a pious servant, both as individuals and as social beings.

Source: Republika Online


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