Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Out of our crisis

By: Kamal Bahron

''There is no goodness in this life, except for those who will listen and realize, or someone knowledgeable and spoke the truth. O people, you really are at times overwhelmed by chaos. Really with you time goes so fast. Undoubtedly you have seen night and day and go to test with all new things, making a much closer all the while rolling every which God has promised.''And so the whole sentence diucapkapkan wisdom that the Prophet Muhammad in a speech opportunity in front of friends, as has been reported by Imam Al-Askary.

After listening to the heart of the word's clarity, how to make us see the truth stunned that emanated from him. Realities of life that we face and the conditions that we are engaged in it, full force as indication of the Prophet spoken centuries ago. This fact at once became one of Muhammad's prophetic truth of the evidence.

We are faced with a crisis that no one is free from it. Time seemed to no longer provide an opportunity to make a choice tomorrow or the next day. Night and day alternately presenting a test for the consistency of any trials of faith. Meanwhile, the world no longer separate distance and near. However, there remains no good, nor is there wisdom, except for someone who is willing to listen, realize, or those who use their knowledge to convey the truth.

Immediately after the Prophet's sermon was delivered, a friend asked about the purpose Miqdad heat. He then said,''Disaster is endless. When that happens, the various affairs that is an obligation upon you to be so vague, like the night of darkness.''
The friends hope to get advice about the way out to face such circumstances. Then the Prophet went on, saying,''So you're still holding on to the Qur'an. For, behold, he was as a helper who will certainly bring relief to you. The Qur'an is the rope of Allah a very strong liaison and who will undoubtedly mengamalkannya indicated on the straight path.''

Lo crisis of meaning which is expressed by the Apostle of God was really our factual experience. The people that blinded the eyes of your heart and mind can feel impossible. Business no matter what we do to get out of this crisis is unlikely to bring results, unless we are willing to follow advice nan noble Prophet, namely the mobilization of all efforts to realize the Qur'an in the midst of life. Only with a consistent attitude on the guidance and direction, we can come out of chaos.

Source: Republika Online


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