Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Science and Charity

By : AMir Faishol Fath

Recognized or not, science had to be in order before the charity. A doctor should be knowledgeable first, before treating the patient. Science will give birth to true salvation. Science is wrong will cause the error. In Sura 22:54 God says,''For those who have been given knowledge that the Qur'an is believed that the truth of God for you, then they believe and obey their hearts to him, and that Allah is the giver Instructions for believers to straight path''.

This verse shows that the science will come from faith, and of faith, submission hearts will be done. In another verse (Sura 47:19) are mentioned in a tone of command,''fa'lam 'ketahulilah' that there is no God but Allah, and beg forgiveness for your sins and for the believers, men and perempuna'' . Note the word''''fa'lam precedence over the command of faith and charity.

Imam Bukhari in formulating valid hadi put a chapter called''scientific babul qablal qauli wal charity'''chapter of science before the words and deeds'. The scholars, said Bukhari, see science as the legal conditions of our words and deeds. Many people are sincere, but because of lack of knowledge, they often assume that one is probably true, and correct a wrong, or that the sunnah so heretical and so heretical traditions.

Strangely they do not feel wrong, as the Qur'an says,''Say: Shall We inform you about the people the greatest losers in the works? Namely, people who have been in vain deeds in this worldly life, while they thought that they were doing their best''(Sura 18:103 - 104).

In sura 35:8 we are told that Satan easily affect people who are not knowledgeable, so he considers his actions - even one - to be true,''And if the person who duped it to assume either a bad job, so he believes that his job Good?''.

Messenger always pray,''O Allah show us truth as truth, and grant us the strength to follow it, and show kebatilan as kebatilan, and grant us the strength to stay away''.

In this prayer the Prophet pleading science, then apply power to mengamalkannya. Imam Al-Ghazali in his book Minhajul Abidiin mention some steps that must be adopted towards God, and the first steps is the science. Caliph Umar bin Abdul Aziz said that the perpetrators of armed action without knowledge, he instead will destroy, not improve.

Source: Republika Online


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