Monday, June 7, 2010

Learning to Learn

This is the essence of life and forge a series of self-learning process to make it better constantly. Indeed, so many things can be abstracted from the journey of our lives second by second. The things we feel, we can see, we listen, we remove it through an oral, these may be things that are full of meaning and can enrich our experience to the next realm of capital used for the repair process itself, if we will, of course.

Little Things mean a lot, yes, a lot of little things that really have such great meaning, if we want a little more attention, a little better look into, and little thought. When we only look at things the normal way, everything will seem mediocre, nothing special, as if this is so should be.

When the events that we meet or we live simply passed through, then it will just become empty values of the past can not influence anything. Whereas if we will just dig a little deeper, maybe not a few traces left behind valuable there. Like pearls, before the issuing of the clam shell, no one can feel the radiant beauty.

Being a true learner, it is quite difficult to do I guess. For me, a true learner will always try to look for gaps of learning from each incident they experienced both events experienced by other people. I really wanted to be like that: who can always interpret life from a positive standpoint, that is able to see the values that have not been exposed, and able to bring keberhargaan although hidden there. Who knows in the dark in shells of shellfish such a beautiful pearl saved if no one is trying to dive to the bottom of the ocean and get it. Yes, the pearl will remain, regardless of whether someone's trying to open the clam shell dwelling place or not.

Learn, learn, and learning, suggesting that human beings really have many weaknesses in him. And this process will not stop until the hour of our death, and death came to pick up. That's when I just can point out and say "Here I am, I am whole, I really am."



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