Monday, June 7, 2010

Victory and defeat

''Say, 'O God who has the kingdom, You give the kingdom to whom You will and You pull the kingdom of the person you want. You glorified people who you want and you degrade whom Thou wills. You are all virtues in hand. Thou has power over all things '.''(Ali' Imran: 26). Is Allah so desired and what is not willed by God is not going to be. People can plan but God nevertheless decisive.

Alternation of day and night, victory and defeat, and the change shows the power of God the Creator and Controller of the Universe and our limitations as human beings. Word of Almighty Allah, His situation is indeed''if he wants something just said to him, 'Be! " it happens.''(Ya Sin: 82).

Defeat or failure is something that most do not like many people and it is difficult to be accepted except by those wise and high-minded. Because, he was able to see the wisdom behind the phenomenon occurs. Stands for those who dive, dive deeper he will be more opportunity to get pearls.

Because of that, 'understanding' defeat or failure, if only rely on sensory orgasm, then people will often deceived. Failure or defeat will be felt very painful. Then, why do not we take a lesson? Would not that defeat a pending victory? Maybe there are steps we are wrong, or maybe it was God's warning so that we can be introspective and find something better. Rasulullah SAW said,''The World (power) left and abandoned by their nature.''In other words, the world (power / position / status) there is no eternal, everything will change again, and come and go.

That's the name of the world. Therefore, if we just glare at the pleasure and enjoyment of the world, we encounter certain things that are not certain, false, even painful. Maybe with the defeat or failure is that we want to wake up and bowed their heads, maybe we've always looked smug. On the other side of victory or success is something that is certainly very unpleasant. Because it is fun, people can sometimes be the forgotten self.

Victory then expressed with arrogance, arrogant, and even forget to yourself to give pleasure. In fact, all the blessings that God gives the responsibility and consequences. Umar bin Abdul Aziz when in baiat as caliph was not feeling good, but it was sad as she says,''Inna wa inna lillahi ilaihi raji'un.''Presumably, he knew very well behind the appointment itself was a big responsibility on his shoulders as a mandate that must be accomplished and accounted for in future Allah SWT.

Hadrat Ali ibn Abi Talib once said,''It was like the snake power, but still gently touched her venomous.''Allaah knows best. (Abul Hidayat Saerodjie)



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