Thursday, June 3, 2010

Secret in the light of

By: Amir Faishol Fath

Istigfar means beg pardon of God for all sins and promised not to repeat the sin. Istigfar is an expression of repentance of a servant, committed to stay away from all the prohibitions of Allah and obey His commandments.

Istigfar is cleansing itself of a servant, for later listening to nature's call, and live the good that gave birth to welfare. In Sura 71: 10-12 God says,''So I say to them: Ask forgiveness of your Lord, verily He is Oft-Forgiving. He will reduce to heavy rain, and multiply wealth, children, and make for you gardens, as well as holding you rivers.''

Imam Al-Qurtubi said that this verse indicates that istigfar is one of the reasons for the arrival of sustenance and rain. Imam Ibn cashier when interpreting this verse says,''If you repent to God, asking His forgiveness and obey Him, He will open the road provision, and the flowing water will bring blessings from the sky, and grow from the earth all keberkahannya, in the form plants, and fertilize the mother's milk, would be awarded to their property and children, lush gardens with all kinds of fruits, in the midst of flowing water that never stops.''

It was narrated that 'Umar ibn Khatab RA, when asked for rain, only to repeat the reading istigfar. When asked, why just read istigfar, while the mean give us rain? Umar answered by reading the paragraph above. Imam Hasan al-Basri, every time people come to him complaining that poverty, lack of employment, and the difficulty to obtain offspring, he replied with a suggestion istigfar reproduce.

An expert wisdom, Al-Hasan al Jadubah - as narrated by al-Qurtubi, Ibn Subih - says that when it comes to him complaining that a miserable, he simply answered,''''istaghfirillah. Come again another complained of hunger, poverty, and pauperism; he simply replied,''istghfirillah.''

Come again another, asking him to pray for gifted children, she simply replied,''istagfirillah.''Coming else complained that the long drought which caused aridity his garden, he simply replied,''istaghfirllah.''When asked why the answer no more than istigfar, Al-Jadubah replied,''I did not make up their own, these are instructions from God.''

Istigfar so regal. A step that has always been we ignore in the search for a way out of various crises that we face.

Source: Republika Online


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