Thursday, June 3, 2010

We regret and Regret of Them

By: Andar Nubowo

In the battle Hudaibiyah, Muslims visit Temple berazam with longing. Suddenly in the middle of the journey, the caravan they were confronted by the pagan idolaters. Then, the Prophet made pacts with their agreement. So that was the intention to cancel their pilgrimage to the Kaaba. Inevitably, this raises the Prophet's actions of protest and uproar among the Companions.

Umar bin Khatab met the Prophet and protested,''I thought we were on the right while the enemy we are on the wrong side?''The Prophet replied,''You were right.''

Umar said,''Why did you let them arbitrarily insult and belittle our religion?''The Prophet replied,''I am a Prophet. I do not dare disobedience to God. And He helper.''

Then Umar replied,''But, would not you have been telling us that we will be visiting the Kaaba to thawaf?''Then the Prophet said,''Yes indeed, but need I tell you that it will be us next year alone tunaikan .''

Umar protested,''No.''The Prophet again said,''Believe me you will visit the House and berthawaf there.''Feeling not get a satisfactory answer, Umar came to Abu Bakr. But when he asked Abu Bakr, he got the same answer as the answer to the Prophet. (Narrated by Bukhari, Muslim).

After the incident, Umar felt great sinner even though Allah has forgiven him. To erase his sins, he is then a lot of good works. As he himself to Tell the Abu Ishak,''After the incident, then I give alms, fasting, prayer, freeing slaves, and do good what can be done at that time.''

History above gives us a valuable lesson that no matter how small the sins committed friend is always followed by remorse, tears, and repentance. Although it could be, what they do not sin and disobedience, as the Messenger of critical questions in the story of Umar above. Because in their eyes, the sin is as though a huge mountain ready imposed on them.

In contrast to our current generation. Sins of a mountain, an area of the ocean was considered to be as small as atoms and narrow leaves of Moringa. The practice of manipulation, collusion, and corruption became commonplace scene in the domestic political arena. Bossy attitude, self-power a popular adage country boy. Pornography and porno action phenomenon became commonplace spectacle and guidance and cheap. Everything is not considered anything, let alone a sin.

How clearly displayed in our eyes wide gap in nan, piety generation of the Companions with the current generation errors. Time for us to contemplate, how our mind's eye had been covered with dirt, dust worldly passions lust terlumuri-animal. And Allaah knows best bi al-shawab

Source: Republika Online


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