Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Selecting Leaders

By: Fanni Fathihah

By the Battle of Badr, the Prophet asked the friend,''What do you think to fight them?''The friend replied,''We have given a promise and our trust to you with full compliance. By Substances that sent you the truth, supposing you took us to an ocean, then dive down there, of course we also throw themselves with you.''

Credibility is an appreciation of the person who obtained one through the process of interaction with others. Prophet before being appointed as an apostle dubbed as Al Amin, the man who could be trusted.

This was due during his interaction with people of Quraish, had never even cheat, cheat, lie, or any other despicable character. All of the mandate given well and perfectly executed. So, it's no wonder though most residents of Mecca wanted to expel and even kill him, but still some of them had left his belongings to him.

Sa'id Hawwa in the book Ar Apostle writes that between man and leader credibility is an essential problem. Because, while people still believe in the government, so naturally they can close the shortage. But, if you've lost belief; all will be chaotic, people will lose power. The situation is this what we feel now?

In Islamic teachings, credibility is one of the factors chosen someone to be a leader. Because, the position is trust that has accountability world and the Hereafter. Once the weight of responsibility as a leader, until the Messenger of Allah said,''When a servant (man) who is given authority to lead the people to death, while on the day of his death he had betrayed his people, God forbid Paradise for him.''(Bukhari and Muslim).

Election 2004 in front of the eye. It is time for Muslims to sort and choose among them credible to lead. The trick? Do not be a headache! Find people like this; He can not (perhaps) as the Messenger of Allah, but in each breath, his attitude, behavior, family, the people closest, group, party, trying like the Prophet. And Allaah knows best.

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