Monday, June 7, 2010

Stop Being a Beggar

During this time, I always provide a few pennies to keep watch when passing a beggar or a beggar who approached. One pass, I give, then passed a beggar again, I give. Until supplies run out a dime on a new bag that I stopped and replaced with the word "sorry" to the many beggars.

It's not every day I do that, because it is meeting with the beggar is also not every day. The numbers were not large, only a thousand or even five hundred, depending on inventory.

My best friend, Diding, have other ways. Initially I felt that he was stingy because I never saw him give a dime to a beggar. And if I fancy, his salary is bigger than my salary. Even possible that my salary is only half the size of his salary. But after what I saw when we were both sheltering in the rain at the Sunday Market, my assumption was wrong.

A half-aged mothers holding their children over to us as he tipped his hand. My hands are already berancang detention of a run out a dime. Then Diding out two bills from his pocket, one sheet of a thousand, one hundred thousand rupiah sheet again. While the mother had dropped God knows what he has in mind while considering two bills.

"Mom if I love the option to select which one, that a thousand or a hundred thousand rupiah?" Diding asked.

Of course, whoever would have chosen larger. Included was the mother who immediately pointed to the hundred thousand.

"If mothers choose which one thousand rupiah, not to be returned. But if mothers choose which one hundred thousand, I do not give it freely. My mother had to return it in time that we set, how?" Diding light.

Rather long time needed to answer the mother. Look he still seemed confused with my friend's intentions. And, "I mean ... a hundred thousand, it only loan?"

"Yes mother, it was only a loan. What I mean is this, if I give a thousand rupiah is for mothers, one hour might have been. But I'll lend you a hundred thousand of this money to the mother to mother the next day and so did not need to beg again, "he said.

Furthermore Diding explains that he's better money to lend capital to a person irrespective of his habits in order to beg. Like mother, who apparently has the ability to make gado-gado. In his house he still has some tools to sell gado-gado, like cobek, plates, glasses, tables and others.

After reaching an agreement, we ended up together to the house of the mother was not too far from where we were sheltering. The rain had subsided, and we found a fairly crowded home environment. Suitable for trade gado-gado, I thought.
Diding often taking the time to visit the seller's hodgepodge. In addition to filling his belly with a fixed-pay-he also had the opportunity to provide input to the smooth operations of gado-gado mother was the seller.

Not yet three months from the time agreed to reimburse the loan, two days ago while visiting the seller's return Diding gado-gado. With tears that could no longer restrained, the mother of the seller's hodgepodge of lending money to restore it to Diding. "Thank you, son. You have raised the capital to become more respectable."

Diding confessed always shed tears when he helped found a successful person. Although not rare he must have lost money because of people who helped failed or was not responsible. According to him, that's the risk. But at least, after the mother's hodgepodge seller's return borrowed money means there will be one more person he could help. And no one else would stop begging.

Ding, I wish menirumu. May be yes.

Bayu Gautama


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