Thursday, June 3, 2010

a strong stance speak the truth

By: Hesti Rahayu

One day in the city of Taif. At that Rasulullah SAW is doing efforts thalabun nusyroh (seek help and protection) to the public Taif, a neighboring city of Mecca. He expects them to Islam. Meanwhile, the pressure of the infidels to Muslims is very heavy because of the spread of Islamic da'wah in Makkah growing rapidly.

However, the effort failed Messenger. Even as the return just banter small children and stupid people who he has received. They pelted stones at the Prophet, accompanied by the scolding and scolding. No other way except to save themselves. At that time, this great man was injured. Sweat dripping, gasping breath, and dirty clothes and a bloody leg.

Fortunately, the Prophet arrived at a vineyard owned by two men idolaters, 'Utbah and Muttalib bin Rabi'a. Messenger into the vineyard, rest and refuge from the pursuit of people Taif. Tears trickled Prophet. Feels pain and is very sad. She lifted both hands facing the sky, denounce the situation, as saying:

"O God, only Thee I complain of lack of strength, and at least my efforts, and I was helpless human face. O Essence is the Most Gracious among the servants of the loving, his Lord You are the people who are weak and my Lord.

To (who I'm complaining), whether to the Essence of burden, or to something much and accept me with a sour face, or the enemy? While you depute my problem? If only thy wrath did not happen, of course I do not care. However, the broader your forgiveness for me than thy wrath be Thou seize me, or you put me in Thy wrath. I seek refuge with the light of Thy face, that you remove all the darkness with the publication of (light-Mu), and you align business world and the next well on it. Just for your all's willingness so that You ridla. There is no power and no strength except with You. "

Meanwhile, the owner of the wine heard a voice in the garden. Curiosity over the chest, but he did not want to disturb people who felt foreign. Instead, he listened to what he fervently uttered the stranger, which no other Prophet. Enchanted by saying a prayer that has never heard.

'Abd al Muttalib Utbah and even ventured over and asked about the identity of the Prophet and asked for an explanation of the nature of his remarks, turning to prayer. Long story short, the results of the dialogue that makes two vineyard owners idolatrous man became a Muslim.

Prophet's life story is the timeless wisdom of human life. Messenger preaching this piece of history we are aware of a spirit that never gave up, and anti despair. Sad, hurt, humiliated, okay, but no means discourage step in voicing the truth, namely Islam.

Of course, should be ashamed for us, if in ordinary conditions, or even in conditions that are easy, we are reluctant or even afraid to tell the truth. Whereas the Prophet set an example to the contrary. Really, a very shallow person who thinks and states that''this time it difficult to convey to forbidden, let alone deliver a lawful''. Bishowab Allaah knows best.

Source: Republika Online


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